Some pen sketches– I’ve had a very rough week. I...


Some pen sketches–

I’ve had a very rough week. I had food poisoning Tuesday night, and on Thursday my back was hurting and I was hunched over and hobbling around work all day. That night, I wound up stuck on the floor of my apartment unable to move for about an hour and a half.

I had my phone with me and I contemplated for a while about calling emergency services. I decided against that because the door was locked and I didn’t want to have the door damaged or anything. I was finally able to roll over and tried pulling myself to the door and eventually got through the pain to pull myself up again using a chair. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. It was jarring shooting pain that knocked the breath out of me.

The next day (Friday) I went to the chiropractor and learned that this shit had been building up a LONG time. A nerve was pinched and the dr has tried 3 times to get things in place. It’s very very painful. He said he was amazed at my high tolerance to pain. That explains why things had so much time to build up.

Insult to injury, we were rear-ended in a car accident Friday night. I now have injuries from that and more pain. I’m very upset because this is making it hard for me to work. Hard for me to draw. Hard to do anything.

Shakespearean insult to injury, I locked myself out Saturday morning.

There’s more but that’s the highlights. I just want to cry, but that would hurt too.

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