“Pépé” Mulin was in his youth, infatuated with the American...


“Pépé” Mulin was in his youth, infatuated with the American West. Mentored by his great Grandfather, he had himself become a skilled magician, and when he moved to America in 1949, he found himself easily able to fit in as a Wild West Magician for Hire. Throughout the 1950′s and into the 1960′s, cowboys and the old west began to fade, but he still continued on for decades as an entertainer, as the only magician who could conjure a real live gen-u-ine jackalope from his magic seven and a half gallon hat.

His heavy french accent overrode his stage name Chuck Waggon, and the nickname “Pépé“ as given by the children, eventually replaced it.

This character is quite loosely based off my Great Grandfather :)

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