Fionna: Base Colors


I'm just about finished with the base colors for the Fionna and Cake painting I'm doing! Up next will be shading, and final details, and then the clear coat to protect it.

Original Tumblr Post Here

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  1. Great work! I have never used this technique, but I want to try it!
    I have a question though: can a dark color be covered by a light one or will the former pass through?

  2. Hi!

    Depending on the quality of the paint, you may need more than one coat or some priming for areas where you want bright contrast. I'm using a lower grade paint so I've had to repaint some areas.

    Windsor and Newton will be more opaque than say a student grade, but ultimately, you may want to do a test swatch if you're not sure :)

  3. what kind of clear coat do you use to protect it?


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